How Do I Boost the Signal to my Business

I’ve looking at Twitter again and mainly for a place to look for blog post ideas on Side Hustles and the websites people have. I came across the tweet from @ArcheryDeb.


What a great idea for a post.

What she has now:

She has all the major bases (networks) covered.

How long has Deb been doing this side hustle?

I don’t know but guessing by the Twitter account creation about 1.5 years.


Of course I would say that I would recommend a WordPress website. With a WordPress website you could talk more about the benefits of archery. The methods you teach. Ranges you prefer. A hub for your social links. Your website doesn’t have any links to your social profiles.

The first change I would make on your website is to link to all your social channels.

The Socials:

It’s been a while since I’ve really been on twitter. I removed the app from my phone and I really only started looking at it today for self serving purposes. BUT, with twitter you could use it as a way to answer questions about archery. Even if the person you converse with would never become a customer because they are too far away.

I like how the Facebook page also has a link to the same booking website that you link to from your main website.

From all your social channels I would connect with other outdoor activity type people. Coaches, YMCA people, other Archery Ranges. Even if none of these are your in your vicinity, reach out the them and promote them, which should help promote yourself as well.

Calendar booking / signup:

Deb, you are using BookedIn. Would I tell you to change it? At this time no. Even if I was to build you a free WordPress website I would probably just link to BookedIn site for booking. The main reason would be to keep things easy for you.

If you did go the route or a new site, the next step you would want to consider is a booking plugin so all the booking is managed in 1 site instead of sending others to a different site. You are current cost for BookenIn looks to be $240 a year.

I would looking into these 2 plugins for a WordPress site:
EDD Bookings > 1 site is $89
WooCommerce Bookings > 1 site is $249

You would also have to consider transaction costs of roughly 3.25% per transaction and I would setup the payment gateway with Stripe.

What I would focus on:

First I would have all your social channels listed/linked on your website. (mentioned above)

Then I would focus a lot of your effort on connecting with others online and OFFLINE to see how you can help them. Such as promoting their range, promoting their archery lessons. Promoting others who do what you do in different areas can help you bring attention to yourself and your services.

I would also consider starting a meetup group of Archery Enthusiasts. Make a monthly meetup at the range of your choice and make it free.

Create videos about proper form for archery. Create a video of how to behave on an archery range. Yes, you could probably say “someone else has done it” but that doesn’t matter. Create your own videos that you can share with others.



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