Browser Notifications for Free

I’m sure you have visited a website and have seen a notification box (in chrome, firefox, safari) that says “show notifications from this website”

Step 1:

Install this plugin >

Step 2:

Activate the plugin

Step 3:

Go to and create an account

Step 4:

One logged into One Signal you should see a box that says “Create a New App”

Step 5:

Go to App Settings in the menu on the left and then click configure on the web push notification for Chrome / FireFox. Fill in the details for you domain and a default image if you have one.

Step 6:

One the Keys & ID’s tab, copy the OneSignal App ID and the  REST API Key. Paste them into your plugin settings.

Step 7:

Configure some or all the settings you want on the same screen. Here is one change I made

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