Can You Build a Website in 90 Minutes?

Chris Guillebeau at Side Hustle School recorded an episode for his podcast saying you could build a Website in 90 minutes > Here

Can it be done in 90 minutes?

Definitely. But in my opinion it will just look like an out of the box blog site and not what you think you want in your mind. There will be more work to do such as putting up your own content and pictures. This part will go past the 90 minutes.

Having the shell of a site up and running in 90 minutes = Yes it can be done.

Why do I say longer than 90 minutes?

Installing of WordPress/Themes/Plugins and then creating a few pages is the easy part. You will spend 30 minutes average buying your domain and setting up your hosting account. Once you get that setup you can spend time just learning how to add themes/plugins/pages just to get ready. Now, if you do this for a living then it’s quite possible to have a semi working site in 90 minutes. But you don’t want to spend time on building your website, you want to spend time selling your side hustle.

How long did it take to build this website?

Give or take a few, but approximate 6 hours. Now this was six hours spent over 3 evenings while watching TV and listening to the thunder and rain. There is still so more tweaks to make. It is always a work in progress. And currently a side hustle.


What is the hardest part of building a  website?

Getting your content and pictures onto the site will take up most of your time. Mainly because you upload pictures and add content and then go back and change/tweak. It’s a process of building / changing / testing / working.


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