What Platform Should You Sell On?

In this past Sunday weekly recap of Side Hustle School (link = Episode 288) Chris answered the question for Jessica from Boise, Idaho. She asked:

What’s the best platform to sell on?

This is always a hard question for anyone before they startup because they may not be web designer/developer/etc. You just want to sell their product/service, don’t try to become a web developer.

Suggestion 1 from Chris = Etsy

This is a default answer for almost any of you who want to sell creative items, crafts, vintage goods, etc. Etsy is not just a selling platform it has a HUGE built in community of willing buyers and other like minded sellers.

Is there anything wrong with starting an Etsy or even staying on Etsy? No, use what works for you. If it is working do more of it.

I went over to Etsy and searched for “document template” and I received 1169 results. I clicked on the first result and it was for a seller who sells Funeral Memorial Templates and memorial key chains and they have over 5000 sales.

Suggestion 2 from Chris = Creative Market

This is a market place of designs from designers. There is a lot of stuff for sale. I did a search for “document template” and I got 31,000+ results.

Should it be on WordPress?

If I was tasked with building this, I would of course build it on WordPress. Then I would consider using Easy Digital Downloads(not aff link) to sell the “products”.

Yes, I think most side hustlers would suggest to Jessica to build it on WordPress. You just don’t have a community of people looking at your products and your website and you would have to build traffic in other ways to build it up. With a platform like Etsy or Creative Market you have a built in audience. It’s like building a store front and needing traffic compared to opening a store in the mall and having built in traffic. Even though a mall has traffic it doesn’t mean people are looking for you or will find you. You still need to promote and market yourself/products.

Not everyone has to be on a WordPress site or even have a website at all to start a side hustle. I’ve seen people sell directly through Instagram and commenters will click a link to a Square storefront to purchase directly from an Instagram account.

Would I build this for free on the Side Hustle Websites plans? Jessica if you purchase your own Easy Digital Downloads license,¬†Yes, I would get the site started for you. Jessica, when you’re ready this let’s chat to see how I can help you.

Shout out to a cool idea for an accounting side hustle

Chris mentioned Melissa and her cool side hustle aptly name Side Hustle Accounting

If you live in Australia and need some accounting advice, give a shout to Melissa.


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